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Alacrity Shares 2 Simple Tactics to Increase Response Rates

Alacrity Shares 2 Simple Tactics to Increase Response Rates

Mar 28, 2018

The messages you try to communicate with emails can only be effective so long as the emails are actually getting opened in the first place. Below are two tips to increase open rates and email responses:

1. Resend the same email to everyone who didn’t open it

For your next group email, try this trick to get up to a 30% higher open rate (for as little as two minutes of extra work). All you need to do is follow these two simple steps:
Step 1: About a week after sending out your newsletter, make an exact duplicate of the email and then change ONLY the subject line.
Step 2: Resend the email just to those who received but never opened it the first time around.
Noah Kagan (formerly Mint and Facebook) was one of the first to test this tactic on a larger scale and he’s demonstrated just how effective it can be.

2. Keep it short, and conversational

Nobody wants to read a 10 paragraph email so why inflict that painful experience on others?
A great piece of advice to keep in mind next time you’re writing pretty well anything, is to keep any type of email limited to 2 paragraphs. This will help you choose words carefully, remove what isn’t needed, and be better off. Make your point, then get out of the way.
“Consumer inboxes are getting more email than ever. In response tools like gmail continue to improve their filtering such as the promotions inbox. Keeping your emails short, personal and with minimal graphics can really help break through the filters.” - Will Fraser, CEO of SaaSquatch.
Next, try reading your email draft out loud before you send it. This helps check whether your wording sounds human (a non-engineering human at that), or more like a used car salesperson slinging clickbait - then adjust the draft to be more conversational and personable as needed.
That’s it. Two simple tactics to improve your email performance. Super simple, right?
Give them a try, and let us know how it goes.

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