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At Wesley Clover Services South America (WCSSA), we help different industries in the South American market to reach their business goals and to accomplish a new technological and digital stage based on our portfolio of value-added services and digital solutions.

According to our professional experience, deep business knowledge of different industries and their business processes, knowledge of the new technologies related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), as well as the more traditional technologies, at WCSSA we have the capability, knowledge, know-how, a partner ecosystem, and people to help companies in South America from different industries in their digital transformation journey.

Banking and Finance

Automation for the banking and finance industry is moving rapidly today. WCS offers specialized solutions for key aspects of this environment. For example, advanced, all-in-one financial trader platforms. See the highlights below and contact us for more information.


In mining, automation, industrial process optimization and security are very important topics for this industry. In WCS we have value-added services to help them to be more efficient and productive and digital solutions to help them to leverage and enabling new technology in its assets.


WCS team members have been at the forefront of the telecom industry for almost 50 years in some cases. On the horizon now is 5G, an industry-wide digital transformation which will provide new challenges for teams of all sectors to manage.


WCS selects from a range of best-in-breed technologies to help retailers reach and retain more customers and manage their operations more profitably.


WCS helps clients automate workflows and communications to gain efficiencies and maintain compliance without losing any focus on service delivery.


WCS has a team of trusted partners who provide solutions in many areas of this landscape. We are here to work with clients as they move to take advantage of the gains to be had.

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