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Enjovia Enables Sales of New Gift Experience During COVID-19

Enjovia Enables Sales of New Gift Experience During COVID-19

Oct 16, 2020

Like most hospitality and leisure businesses, the Celtic Manor Resort had to close its main operations  to  the  public  in  March,  in compliance with the coronavirus social distancing measures put in place by the UK government. How long those restrictions would remain in place was not known. Fortunately, management was able to create a new means of continuing some income flow thanks to portfolio company Enjovia.

The Enjovia gift voucher and card management platform was already in use by the Resort to manage the many gift experiences they sold on a regular basis, and it was instrumental in enabling them to adapt their marketing offers to fit within the stay-at-home mandate. The platform became the backbone to  a  new  “Celtic At Home” program, created to sell gift experiences in the form of takeaway meals prepared in the Resort kitchens.

The program proved  very  popular  with local residents. Orders for the gift vouchers were placed online through a  dedicated  web page. The gift recipient then called the Resort to confirm their voucher number and food order and arrange a one-hour collection window in which to pick up the ready-to-heat meal. Pick-up was managed according to strict social-distancing procedures,  with all orders wrapped and placed on tables for retrieval by patrons when they pulled up in their vehicles. Easy-to-follow instructions provided all the details for preparing and serving the meal once home.

This new gift experience was born out of  a need to adapt. It provided restaurant-quality food at reasonable prices, through an automated and simple process. Whether it was the convenience, the ‘treat’, the fear of going to a grocery store all the time, or some other motive, the idea  proved  attractive to customers. It also enabled the Resort to provide continued employment for kitchen and support staff that might not have been possible otherwise. Enjovia was pleased to see their platform help generate these results.

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